DocVerify Application Process - How to get activated as an e-notary 

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The DocVerify e-notary plat form has been designed to make it easy for you to e-notarize documents in the states that allow you to, and it also has remote notary capabilities allowing you to offer remote notary services to your clients as well.

First you will need to create a free DocVerify account by clicking here, and then after you have created your free account you will have to complete the notary application in order to be vetted.  Once you've been vetted, the setup also includes everything you need to get started performing e-notarizations or remote notarizations.

To complete the DocVerify application:
1. First sign in to your new account
2. Click the "Notary Portal" button
3. Click the "Notary Application" button to get to the form.

There is an small application fee, and you must have an active edition in order to complete e-notarial acts.

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I am trying to find a video to show exactly step by step what to do on docverify.  How do I receive the papers to be notarized?  It says by email and then upload them, but once I do this, I am lost.  How will the customers know exactly where to go?

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