Florida Notaries - I'm a Florida notary. Can you suggest how e-notarization can help improve my business? 

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Electronic notarization not to be confused with remote notarization means that you will be able to do the entire notarial act without any paper with all the signers physically present at the time the act takes place.

In Florida, any commissioned notary can easily become an e-notary using DocVerify as their e-notary platform.  There is no hardware or software to purchase with DocVerify, and the state doesn't require any additional classes or state applications. There is a setup fee for every new notary in the DocVerify system.

If you're just starting out, we recommend starting with DocVerify's Professional edition, and as demand grows you can either purchase more licenses or move up to the next edition.  You can also use WorldNotary to promote yourself on the web.

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