I'm a commissioned notary. How does DocVerify work?

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If you're a commissioned notary in a state that allows its notaries to perform e-notarizations then you can use DocVerify to perform those same notarial acts electronically without any paper.

There is a difference between electronic notary and remote notary. So please make sure that you understand the difference as only a couple of states as of the time of this post currently allow their commissioned notaries to perform remote notarizations.

The way it works is simple as DocVerify enables you to do the whole process electronically.

  1. You upload the document instead of printing it.
  2. You enter the journal information in most cases.
  3. You witness the signings from all the participants just as you would if it were on paper.
  4. You complete the notarization through the browser.
All you need is a laptop that you may already have or a tablet, and an internet connection. There is no additional hardware or software to buy.

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