Can I remotely notarize a document?

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This question has two answers based on if you're looking for or need to have a document notarized. Please also take a look at the other blogs related to remote notary.

If you're a commissioned notary:

This is based on the time this was written as more states are added all the time. If you're a commissioned notary in the states of Virginia, Ohio, or Montana, you can remotely notarize documents for your clients. A Virginia notary can do it for both residents and non-residents of Virginia, but a Montana notary is only permitted to remotely notarize for Montana residents only.

Both states require some form of knowledge based authentication for identity verification if the person is not known to the notary.  In most cases, if the person doesn't have a credit history with activity in the United States and a US citizen, it is unlikely the document can be remotely notarized.

DocVerify can assist you in enabling you to be able to provide this service to your clients if you're in any of the states that allow electronic or remote notarizations.

If you're looking for a notary:

If you're looking to have a document notarized and a US citizen with sufficient credit history as well as activity in the United States where it can be looked up, you can contact a Virginia notary who has remote notary capabilities to assist you with the notarization from virtually anywhere.  If you happen to reside in Montana, you can contact both a Montana or Virginia notary for the request.  Please keep in mind that if the notary does not personally know you, you must pass the ID verification test, and only when you successfully pass are they permitted to perform the notarial act.

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