What's the difference between DocVerify and other providers?

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For starters, DocVerify has been enabling notaries to provide e-notary services to their clients for over ten (10) years now, and DocVerify is by far the most trusted provider as we adhere to very strict security protocols that others simply don't care to.

DocVerify is also the only provider at the moment that's a true platform.  What that means is you can use DocVerify to virtually create your own e-notary business as we offer many tools such as API's to allow you to integrate the DocVerify e-Notary platform right into your own applications.

The main difference with DocVerify where it counts is that with our service you get to keep the majority of the money you collect.  The other providers will keep most of the money, and only give the notary literally a small fraction of what they collect.  Secondly, all other remote notary providers are actually call centers, and not designed for you to be your own boss.

If you want to establish your own e-Notary services, and you want to keep most of your money then DocVerify is the way to go.

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