Remote Notary or Online Notary and Foreign ID's

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When it comes to remote notarizations or online notarizations, the laws and rules are different than for notarial acts that may be in person.

One of the requirements for remote notary is that the person must pass the required ID verification process set forth by the state before being permitted to continue with the notarial act.  If the person happens to be personally known to the notary in some instances the ID verification is not required.

The requirements for ID verification are pretty straightforward.  The person provides information about themselves, and a series of questions that are only known to that individual are presented to them.  In the United States, those questions are generated by the credit bureaus in most cases and/or from public sources using the person's provided information.  If the person successfully answers those questions correctly, then they may get their documents remotely notarized.

The issue with foreign ID's is there really isn't a central repository such as a credit bureau  or public type information that is available to generate questions that can be used to identify the person.  Because of that simple fact, in most cases those with strictly foreign ID's and non-US citizens cannot get their documents remotely notarized.

If there are providers who claim that they can either provide the required questions or provide proper ID verification of non-US citizens at the time of this writing we would suggest doing deep research into how they are generating those questions and answers because as it is currently understood proper ID verification of foreign citizens is not possible at this time, and it is the ultimately responsibility of the notary to ensure each person is properly verified if they're not personally known to them.

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