I am a notary... How does DocVerify exactly work for me?

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These are the most common questions asked when notaries want to become e-notaries as well.

Question: What exactly does the DocVerify e-notary platform do for me?

Answer: The thing to keep in mind is that DocVerify is the tool a notary will use to legally electronically notarize or remotely notarize documents.  Basically, DocVerify enables you as the notary to be able to perform e-notarizations for your clients. To learn more about the differences of electronic notary or remote notary click here.

Question: Will DocVerify send me business?

Answer: The short answer is no because DocVerify is the platform or tool that enables you to perform this service legally for your clients.  It is the responsibility of the notaries to do their own marketing and advertising just as they would using any other tool such as Microsoft Word for example.  DocVerify as a courtesy does have a directory to make it easy for people to search for you as well as also placing your profile on www.worldnotary.com.

Question: How much can I charge?

Answer: Each state has it's own set amounts; however, in most cases a notary can also add other additional fees that may be associated to that transaction, but the notarial act itself must be whatever the state allows.

Question: Does DocVerify provide a queue or scheduling?

Answer: Not at this time. It is the responsibility of the notary to do their own scheduling.  DocVerify is just the tool a notary is required to have to provide legal electronic or remote notarizations, and anything beyond that the notary must use other cloud based tools available.

Question: Does DocVerify collect my payments for me?

Answer: No.  The notary must setup their payment or invoicing system as DocVerify does not collect any payments on the behalf of others.

Question: If I do a remote notarization, do I need to send my clients to DocVerify?

Answer: No. When you initiate a new remote notary request, DocVerify will send notifications automatically on your behalf directing them to the next steps such as ID verification, signature adoption, and connecting to the session.

Question: My state requires a digital certificate. Does DocVerify provide one?

Answer: In most cases yes for a small fee; however, there are some states that may require certificates from specific providers that DocVerify may not be working with.  In those cases, the notary can purchase it from that particular provider, and import it into DocVerify.

Question:  For electronic notarizations... Can my participants be in different locations?

Answer: No. State laws are very strict, and for electronic notarizations all participants MUST be physically present at the time of the notarial act.

Question:  Which states allow electronic notarizations or remote notarizations?

Answer:  The following link provides the latest matrix. List of States.

Question:  I want to work for or be a contracted notary with DocVerify... How do I do that?

Answer: What makes DocVerify unique is that it's the only cloud platform that allows the notary to be their own boss, and to provide this service to their clients as DocVerify does not hire any notaries.  This is the optimal situation that unlike some of the other call center based remote notary providers for example, with DocVerify the notary gets to keep most of their money.  Other providers make notaries sign non-competes in some cases, and only pay the notary an average of $4 per $25 collected; whereas with DocVerify the notary just pays for the subscription and/or transaction fee, and keeps the majority of the fees collected.

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