I am a Texas notary... Does DocVerify meet the state requirements for remote notary?

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If you are a Texas notary, and want to do either electronic notary or remote notary, DocVerify does meet the state's requirements for a x.509 certificate from a third party Certificate Authority as well as providing the needed stamp images for the state's notary application to becoming a commissioned e-notary with the state.

DocVerify also provides the required video/audio capabilities, ID Verification, and ID capture features.

What are the steps to becoming an e-notary?

1. First you have to create a Free Account on DocVerify
2. After you sign in you have to fill out the DocVerify notary application.
3. After submitting your application to DocVerify, it usually takes about 3 to 5 business days for activation.
4. After you're activated on DocVerify, the DocVerify help section has the steps you need to not only apply to the state to become an e-notary, but how to upload the required files to the state as well.

Do I need to upgrade to the Enterprise edition right away?

No. You can stay on the free edition, and upgrade at a later time if you like.

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