Are e-notarizations a threat to traditional notaries?

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This is a question that comes up repeatedly.  The common misconception is that electronic notarizations will eliminate the need for notaries.  This simply is not true.

Let's first start by explaining why this is not the case.  In most states that allow their commissioned notaries to perform e-notarizations, physical presence by all parties is still required by each respective state law with the exception of states that also allow remote notarizations.  This means that just like traditional paper based notarizations, everyone MUST be present during the notarial act for e-notarizations.

Businesses today are pushing really hard to eliminate their reliance on paper, and eventually almost everything will become paperless because it is more efficient, and more cost effective for them.  Notaries today need to start adapting to this change by learning about the trends, educating themselves on different technologies, and also realizing this is what the consumer ultimately wants.

We feel that in the paperless world, demand for notarizations will actually increase as it becomes easier for the businesses or the consumer to get something notarized, and with all new advances one door closes, and another opens.


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