What is the benefit of electronically notarizing a document versus traditional paper based notarizations?

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One of the common questions is "What is the benefit of electronically notarizing a document versus traditional paper based notarizations?"

The answer is simple. The benefits are tremendous.

We are going to talk about e-notarizations in general, and not about remote notarizations. If you haven't read some of the other discussions or blogs about the differences between electronic notarizations and remote notarizations, we recommend that you do because there are distinct differences between the two.

Rather than to post endless paragraphs about the differences, we thought that it might make more sense to just do them as line items.


Documents that are electronically notarized offer levels of security that is not available with paper based notarizations. Such as:

  • Encryption - e-notarized documents can be encrypted; whereas, a paper based notarization cannot.
  • Tamper Evidence - In most cases, if an e-notarized document can be instantly tested to know if it's been altered, changed, or updated. Can you do that with paper?
  • Certificates - These are also referred to as Digital Signatures, and they can instantly validate the integrity of the notarial act. Again... Can you do that with paper?


  • A notary can perform more notarizations electronically than with paper
  • Companies love that they can streamline this process because it is virtually impossible with paper
  • An electronic document can be instantly sent to the party requesting it. Can you do that with paper? Best case is a courier for same day deliveries, and that can be costly.

Saves Money

We all know that almost anything electronic is usually cheaper than on paper. In the case of e-notarizations, businesses, individuals, and notaries all save on shipping costs, printing costs, storage costs, time spent organizing costs, and any other costs associated with dealing with paper. In other words, the cost saving can be substantial for a company for example.

We just wanted to point out the obvious when it comes to e-notarizations as we all know things change over time. When it comes to business... efficient, inexpensive, effectiveness will always win over the older slower way.

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