Can DocVerify help my notary business?

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A common question that's asked is... How can DocVerify help my notary business?

DocVerify's e-notary platform enables notaries to provide either electronic or remote based notarizations to their clients.  Basically, DocVerify's system is not only robust, very secure, and easy to use, but it's the only provider that is approved in all the states, and the only provider providing all the tools a notary needs to do both electronic and remote based notarizations.

You may not be getting any requests for e-notarizations today, but the world is changing fast, and those that don't get on board now may be left holding the bag later.

DocVerify is also approved and tested by the states, and the technology is constantly evolving.

If you want to learn more about e-notarizations either read some of the blogs on this site or visit DocVerify.

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