I'm a CA notary. How does the e-notary and e-journal work?

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California is one of those interesting electronic notary states mainly because the laws were created long ago before many of the recent advances in the last 15 years.

Unlike any of the other states, CA requires each notary to purchase an image of their notary stamps from one of their approved electronic seal manufacturers.  This image of the stamp is to be placed on every e-notarized document.

The second issue are the journals.  CA only allows notaries to keep one journal at any given time. If you have a paper journal, and want to keep using your paper based journal you cannot use an electronic journal, and vice versa.  If you want to convert to e-journals, you will have to contact the state as you may be required to send the journal to the state before using e-journals.  Additionally in most cases, the e-journal information is kept securely on the providers systems, and not on the notaries computers.

With services like DocVerify, if you want to keep using your paper you can turn off the option for DocVerify to maintain an e-journal for you therefore allowing you to e-notarize documents.

DocVerify's e-notary platform enables notaries in the states that allow remote notarizations to provide remote notarization services to their clients at very affordable rates where the notary gets to keep the majority of the fees that they collect.

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