Common e-Notary FAQ's

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How do I become a DocVerify Notary?
Becoming a DocVerify e-Notary is easy.  Please take a look at this link for the steps required. Click here to become a DocVerify eNotary

Are DocVerify's digital certificates x.509 compliant?
Yes. All certs meet the x.509 standards.

Is there a directory where I can include myself as a notary?
Yes. Both DocVerify and WorldNotary have directories for notaries designed to help people find a notary easily.

Does DocVerify send clients to notaries?
DocVerify is a platform that enables notaries to perform either electronic or remote notarizations, and does not usually get involved in locating clients; however, DocVerify does its best to refer clients to notaries when clients approach DocVerify directly.

How much does it cost?
There is a setup fee of $100 for each new notary, and there are also subscription costs if the notary chooses to perform notarial acts.

My state allows remote notarizations. Will DocVerify enable me to do remote web cam notary?
Yes. The platform is also fully remote enabled, and meets the state's legal requirements for remote notarizations.


Become a DocVerify eNotary Today! Click Here

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