I'm a notary and want to become an e-notary. How does it work?

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Before becoming an e-notary, it is best to understand the differences between electronic notary and remote notary.  The following blog will explain the differences.

What is the difference between e-notarization and remote notarization?

After understanding the differences, you will then need to check to see if your state allows its commissioned notaries to perform either electronic notarizations, remote notarizations, or both.  The following blog will help with determining which states allow e-notary.

Which states allow their commissioned notaries to perform electronic or remote notarizations?

If your state allows either electronic notary or remote notary, DocVerify can help by enabling you as a notary to be able to provide these services for your clients.  DocVerify's powerful e-notary platform is designed to be both secure and affordable.  The following links below will answer both pricing questions as well as how to become a e-notary.

DocVerify Pricing

How to become an e-notary

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