I'm an E-Notary. How do I promote or advertise my services?

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Like most businesses, in order for it to grow people must be aware that the business exists, and one way to achieve that is to not only create a website in respect to your notary business, but to also make sure you create a profile in as many places as possible.

By creating a website, and having your profiles out there, search engines such as Google will find you, and when people do a simple search in their areas your business or name may be one of the ones that is found.

Marketing and advertising is a non-stop process, and in order to become successful you must be easy to find.

Services like DocVerify enable notaries to be able to either provide electronic notary or online remote notary services, but DocVerify in this case is the tool a notary uses, and it is still up to the notary to generate business for themselves.

There's a lot of demand for electronic notary and remote notary services, but a notary must make the effort to advertise themselves in order to be able to capture that business.

We recommend creating a profile on www.worldnotary.com, and if you happen to be an e-notary to go to DocVerify, and download the logo as well as various graphics to place on your websites with links back to DocVerify for example.  This way Google will give the website more precedence.

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