Do I need to sign up with an e-notary provider like DocVerify?

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In most e-notary states, signing up with a provider is not required; however, some states do require signing up with a provider such as DocVerify.

The reason for this is a provider such as DocVerify is designed to be a one stop shop giving the notary the tools they need to successfully perform e-notarizations or remote online notarizations by providing the security, secure storage, journals, stamps, certificates, ID verification, credential analysis, etc.

We often get asked... Why can't I just do it myself?  Why do I need to work with a provider?

The answer is simple.  If you do it on your own, and depending what you want to do you could easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it, and that doesn't even guarantee that it will work when it's complete.

It is usually best to sign up with a provider that has everything you need, and will also provide the needed peace of mind.


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