What is an electronic notary?

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An eNotary is a Notary Public who notarizes documents electronically. One of the methods employed by eNotaries is the use of electronic signatures, electronic stamps, a digital signature, or a digital notary seal to notarize digital documents and validate with a digital certificate.

Electronic notarizations have the same workflow as traditional paper based notarizations, but completely electronic without the use of any paper. With e-notarizations, you do everything you do today with the paper based notarial act, and with everyone physically present.  Electronic notarizations are not remote notarizations, even though it's easy to mix the two.

  1. In person only, which means that all the participants are physically there with you in the same room. If you were to reach out your arm you could touch them, and make direct eye contact.
  2. You must verify each participant with a photo ID that you can physically hold in your hand.
  3. You will also enter each participants information into the electronic journal.

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